Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Country Home

I lost a friend this week---Country Home. I have read this magazine since it first was launched and am feeling a loss. On top of that, my favorite ME Home Companion, Home, and Cottage Living. What's a girl to read---the back of the cereal box! Seriously, I went to Country Home's site to email them and could not find an email address. And what about subscriptions? I received the Hallmark magazine yesterday. It is not anything I would have chosed, and I'm not sure what it is replacing. I might have to find a step program to help with my withdrawal because I am a decorating magazine addict.

With this news Blogs have become even more important. There are fresh ideas on-line, and although I enjoy my magazines, I also enjoy reading the blogs.

Cheerleader Painting

I just completed this custom painting for a cheerleader. The color scheme of the room is red and hot pink. I think it turned out cute.