Friday, March 19, 2010

Repro Men

I think I need my head examined. I went to see Repro Men this morning and WHEW!!!!!!!!! What was I thinking. The idea is starteling to say, but a movie dedicated to reproing organs. It was bloody to say the least. What was FW thinking?

Off to paint the bedroom. A much better use of my time.


Yesterday we made the shopping circle. First, the Tuesday Morning Last Call on Inwood. I bought a bathroom rug for $2.00 and some kitchen towels for $4. Then the cutest lamp store on Lovers Lane. Have to go back there. Next, to the most unforgetable fabric outlet on Harry Hines--it was not good. Large, but not good. Now I know where I can get a large selection on spandex. Finally, the last stop was the Wisteria Outlet. I love this place. I've never bought anything big, but I absolutely love everything that I have bought there. I bought some pillows similar to these but in greens and turquoise for $5 each. The colors were perfect for me as was the price.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Junk Yard Madness

For the last two days I've carted my son to some bizarre junk yards. He's looking for a car hood for an art project---just the right hood. What we've found out is these junk yard guys don't want to sell their junk. I thought this would be an easy experience but no.