Friday, March 19, 2010


Yesterday we made the shopping circle. First, the Tuesday Morning Last Call on Inwood. I bought a bathroom rug for $2.00 and some kitchen towels for $4. Then the cutest lamp store on Lovers Lane. Have to go back there. Next, to the most unforgetable fabric outlet on Harry Hines--it was not good. Large, but not good. Now I know where I can get a large selection on spandex. Finally, the last stop was the Wisteria Outlet. I love this place. I've never bought anything big, but I absolutely love everything that I have bought there. I bought some pillows similar to these but in greens and turquoise for $5 each. The colors were perfect for me as was the price.


Anonymous said...

Love these pillows!

Eddie & Jaithan

Whipped Up said...

The colors and designs on these pillows are gorgeous! - Amy